The College has one N.C.C. Companies. The ‘C’ certificate holders in N.C.C. get reservation in Military Services for the post of officers. They are also entitled to get 5% weightage for admission to the institutions of higher education. Our cadets have been selected to participate in the  Republic Day Parade  in National Capital from time to time. Our student of B.A.III (Under Officer) Mr. Gurmeet Singh (2006), got the honour of participating in the  Republic Day Parade. The infantory unit of N.C.C. works in the college for imparting Army training to the students. Interested students should contact Dr. Devi Bhushan, the officer-in-charge NCC.

Officer Incharge
Name Post
Lt. Gurinder Singh Incharge (Army Wing)

NCC Activities

NCC cadets participating in parade at ‘Raj Path’ on ‘Republic Day’.

Blood donation Camp

held on july 21, 2014