GNKC at a glance


History Of College

The college was established in 1969 to commemorate the birth quine-centenary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a great philosopher and social reformer. It was intended to be a great centre of ideal education in the true spirit of our ancient cultural heritage. At the same time the students were also to be trained to develop a modern and progressive outlook and in keeping with the spirit of technological advancement. The people of this area had ardently desired to see their hopes and aspirations to be fulfilled. Since its inception the institute has been deeply committed to the propagation of nationalism, patriotism and secularism.

Besides traditional courses, the college has been running successfully various employment - oriented courses like B.Com with Computer Application and Computer Vocational, B.T.M. (Tourism and Travel management), M.A.(Panjabi), M.Sc. Computer Science (Software), M.Sc. Geography and M.A. / M.Sc. (Math),PGDCA.

Our Mission

To build an institution, brick by brick, through sustainable efforts with an environment which empowers the faculty and staff to facilitate teaching learning process with active participation while encouraging the students to develop competencies for earning and life long learning.


The college lays special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline and proper decorum in and outside the classrooms.

Students are expected to show proper respect to their teachers, be polite to one another and show courtesy to the employees of the college.

In order to create the right academic atmosphere in the college, the students should maintain silence while moving on the campus or sitting in the Library. Movement from one room to another should be orderly. In free periods the students must use the Library.

Absence from the composition or tutorial period entails a fine and disciplinary action.

Smoking and ragging are strictly prohibited in the College Campus. Walking through lawns is to be avoided.

Quarrels and disputes with fellow students should be avoided. A complaint in writing should at once be made to the Principal whenever there is dispute. The students should not take the law in their own hands.

Students who violate the above rules shall be liable to punishment which may be in the form of a heavy fine, withdrawal of concessions or stipends and in extreme cases, expulsion from the college.